Buy, play and gain: 1976 Ferrari 308 GT4


Happy were the times when you could buy a very good 308 GT4 for less than 25K; these times are bygone and now the best specimens could also brush the 100K threshold; this car however is less expensive than that.


It’s an Euro spec. 308 GT4 which has been recently overhauled: the seller says that no later than 2.5K miles ago itahas benefitted of a belts replacement, new starter, alternator, water pump, battery and a carb setup rebuild. These jobs are not cheap at all, the important thing is to be sure that who made it knows these cars well. Indeed even if is’s the Cinderella of its family, the maintenance costs are high.

ScreenShot012We must add that as an Euro model, the car has a beautiful set of chrome bumpers instead of the awful DOT approved ones, interiors look quite good (no photos f the front seat and dashboard though) and the seller says that the body is perfect with the exception of a couple of dings on the door (made by other car’s door). He also says that the car is priced above average so you could buy it, having fun with it and then selling it making profit at the same time: of course the last statement is the most uncertain. Find it for sale at $63,500 here in Los Angeles, CA.

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