Miss ugly: 1975 Simca Civic


We don’t know the exact build year of this prototype, nor on what car it is based. We don’t know who built it too but whoever did it was not a design master for sure.


The only thing for sure is that this car is rear-engined so it could be based on a Simca 1000 Bertone or a Renault 8 but the seller hasn’t provided any photos of interiors, undercarriage, engine bay or whatever which could help us to recognize this strange object on wheels. So the only thing we are sure of is that is one of the ugliest creation ever made in the car world, however just for this reason we find out that it is so ugly and disproportionate to be almost attractive. For sure, this car would be the queen of every car show. Find it for sale at €2,500 (today $2,800) here in Les Forges, France.


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