One just: 1951 Gilco-Fiat 1100 by Zagato


This car is one relic of the endless number of prototypes built in Italy during the fourties and the fifties. This particular car can boast two important name of the business: Gilco and Zagato.


There are some sources which clearly testify that this car has been actually built using a Gilco tubolar chassis: the factory of Gilberto Colombo was often asked to build tubolar chassis mostly for race cars: we don’t know if this has been with a racing purpose, but for sure it was built to be faster than the average Fiat cabriolet.


The car, now, doesn’t look much different from the period photos. For sure some details are different from how they were born but basically the car has not changed much and it still has the original black plates: the seller didn’t provide any chassis or engine numbers nor any photos of the engine or undercarriage so it’s clear that he will talk about the car (and about the asking price) only in front of the car. Find it for sale here in Ascoli Piceno, Italy.


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