Power to the elders: 1949 Volkswagen Beetle


First time ever we see a VW bug like this one. Indeed nowadays few are so brave to make a personal interpretation of these, by now rare, pre-50s bugs.


First of all, the build quality of this car look impressive: the black paint shines as good as a black mirror both inside and outside: the gold rims mated to the black body are a knockout and, most of all, the attention to details on this car is not second to any Pebble Beach entrant.


The seller says that the modifications on this car are “bolt-on” so you could easily revert them to a stock look, but we wouldn’t do it; one of the best parts of the car can be seen under the engine lid: instead of putting on the back a big bore crate engine, the owner has installed a compressor which should give the car more grunt, aven if this will never be a tire burner. On the other side interiors are basically original and restored as good as the rest of the car: for sure you will not make the same car for the asking price. Find it for sale at $75,000 here in Aguanga, CA.


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