Crusty red: 1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider Veloce

No, it is not our intention to publish all existing Veloces, however, given the car’s rarity, we feel compelled to do so every time we find one for sale.

It is an example that we could define as a “barn find”, in the typical conditions of a 60-year-old Alfa Romeo that has not only been used in the desert: rust almost everywhere, especially along the sills and floor of the trunk. However, this kind of rust is normal stuff for these cars, believe us when we tell you that we have seen worse, much worse with our own eyes.

The car is quite complete; the seats are missing (which can be made from scratch) and little else, the engine is the correct one (almost impossible to tell if it’s the original one, on any of these Alfas) and, in general, it looks like an abandoned but not abused car: the restoration is demanding but there are good foundations from which to start. ind it for sale at €48,000 here in Cormano, Italy.


3 thoughts on “Crusty red: 1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider Veloce

  1. This is a very late 1965 Veloce given the high chassis number. The last one is 391091 built-in Sept ’65. The car is a USA model as there are no fender signals. I am interested in knowing the engine number and the PF build number. If I can get a build date, I can tell you more about the production numbers. The engine should be in the range of 024xx given the numbers in the register. Thank you for finding this!


  2. I should look at the website before posting. yes, it is a matching engine. The ad says it is a August production so they might know the actual date. In that month there were 35 cars made for the US, of which this is one of them. How a USA car is in Europe would make for a good story. I wrote to them asking for history…doubtful they will reply. It will be in the register tonight.


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