Black underwear: 1956 Porsche 356A Coupé

It is a car that was born black with a red interior, but has the history of previous owners, and one of them liked yellow.

However, this 356 has no less charm, indeed, it wears a beautiful patina that should not be erased just to make it one of the many restored and shiny 365As. Indeed, there are cases in which restoration is necessary, but there are others, as in this case, where a restoration detracts from the car’s value rather than adding it. Obviously we are not talking about economic value, but about the emotional one.

Sure, it’s a drivable car as it is (interventions have been made to make it so) yet there are some repairs that probably need to be done, essentially on the underbody which has been affected more than other parts by the ravages of time; we didn’t understand (because the seller didn’t specify it) if the engine has matching numbers, but the wheels certainly are. Find it for sale at $120,000 here in Adelanto, CA.


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