Niche stuff: 1954 Nash Healey Coupé by Pininfarina

It wasn’t difficult, among cars built in the 1950s, to find cars that had “parents” of different nationalities: here is a representative specimen.

The reason for this multiple paternity (or maternity) was the different specialization of the different countries: Nobody did bodywork as well as the Italians and therefore, for a luxury car, it was quite usual to go to Pininfarina or Vignale to get an out of the ordinary look : the American Nash-Kelvinator company also had this idea, with the help of the British Donald Healey Motor Company.

This rare example (as it is estimated that only 506 examples were built, between coupe and roadster, and it would be very optimistic to think that half survived) seems to be in excellent condition: beautiful color combo, all the details seem to have been taken care of even if, Unfortunately, there are no photos of the engine bay. The steering wheel is Nardi (we believe recently produced) and we don’t know if the original steering wheel is available, but this is a nifty detail that is easily fixed (in case you don’t like the Nardi). Find it for sale at €65,000 (today $68,500) here in Doorn, Netherlands.


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