Say my name: 1956 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce

There is little that can be done now: in the world of classic cars it is practically impossible to find a Sprint Veloce 750E for sale without “Alleggerita” (ligtweight) being added to its name.

We don’t know exactly how this fashion was born, it was certainly a gimmick by the sellers to add charm to the car, however it is a great wrong to history: in fact, there is no trace, in any book or respectable source, that has ever indicated “Lightened ” as the title for this car. Returning to the car itself, this car (chassis #AR1493E*02249) is special primarily because it is a Sprint Veloce, and secondly because it is a 1956 example: it is truly a rare car.

It was delivered new in Italy and was “Bianco Spagna” white when it left the factory. Since then the car has always been in Italy until 2018 when it was purchased by the current Belgian owner: from all appearances the car appears to be in excellent condition and we believe the new owner will have no work to do. Sadly, this is pretty much the only car for which the dealer won’t state the price. Find it for sale here in Overijse, Belgium.


2 thoughts on “Say my name: 1956 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce

  1. Good afternoon,

    is it possible that you always fail the right name of this kind of cars? Now you will correct it and than you will say: you see? it is right….! Moreover, the correct translation of the italian word “alleggerita” is lightened and not lightweight even if everybody use the wrong term. Like sheps, where the first go all the others follow….

    Best regards,

    R. F.

    Roberto Enrico FAVONI



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