Motown blues: 1949 Ford Custom Club Coupé

It is a classic Ford, it is in original condition and it comes from around Motown: it is almost a string of perfect conditions.

Motown, for the uninitiated, is the contraction of the two terms Motor and Town, or rather Detroit, the heart of the American car industry as well as, during the 60s, the richest city in the world, the cradle of a much of the best music made in the USA: in short, an absolute protagonist of the twentieth century, today unfortunately in difficulty, like most of the cities in the world that have hosted the automotive industry.

In 1949, this Custom Club Coupe rolled off the Dearborn Ford assembly line and, according to the seller, has only driven 38,000 miles and is therefore in an absolutely original condition. Pity only that the photos are not the best available, however it actually looks like an original looking specimen, with a very classic color and, although with only 100hp, the legendary v8 Ford flathead under the hood. Find it for sale at $ 23,000 here in Waterford, MI.


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