Ivory project: 1970 Alfa Romeo GT Junior by Zagato

It seems that this is the appearance of a GT Junior built by Zagato that has been standing still in a garage since 1997: in addition to the unmistakable shape it is also painted in the ivory color typical of the late 60s, and widely used by Zagato also on the Fulvia Sport. , and in this case it seems that it is the original layer.

The seller says that, as can also be seen from the photos, the only missing parts are the rear windows but otherwise everything is there, even if not currently installed on the car. He also says that there is some point of rust here and there (we do not find it hard to believe) but that it is not anything serious. In short, it seems that it is a nice and undemanding project; the only doubt we have is on the price that seems too good to us, however, it is worth investigating since an email, at least until today, costs nothing. Find it for sale at €8,500 (today $10,000) here in Realmonte, Italy.


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