Bubbly E21: 1979 BMW 323i by Hartge

These cars, as “basic” as they may look when viewed with today’s eye, were very expensive at the time even when bought in their entry level version.

So let’s not talk about how much the 323i version cost, with an in-line six-cylinder engine, which today we could equate to the BMW M3, and we have no idea how much the special versions built by the tuners of the time such as Alpina or, in this case, Hartge. These special versions were not in fact “catalog” models: they were generally built to order, so the price could vary a lot.

This 323I in particular comes with all Hartge documentation (mostly written in German) and two engines: the one currently installed comes from a 325i e30, but the original engine is ready to be installed. The EFI was also mapped by Hartge as well as, we imagine, the suspension and other details of the interior: the latter seem in excellent state of conservation. The car is there, the engines too and the color too: the only thing that isn’t there is the asking price: the seller invites you to offer. Find it for sale here in Sacramento, CA.


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