Southern project: 1960 Triumph TR3 A

We all know that you can’t have your cake and eat it, so if your craving is for an inexpensive classic spider, there’s work to be done to get there.

In this specific case, there is a lot of work to be done: first of all you have to fill in a very long checklist to check which parts are present and which are missing; this is a remarkable job in itself because remembering all the parts of a car – even if you have removed them yourself – is a very difficult undertaking; let alone if the work was done by others.

After that, there is all the “typical” work to be done on cars like this, namely bodywork, gearbox, suspension, brakes and electrical components. the positive thing however is that – it seems – that the car is complete as the current owner started restoring it after which he gave up (a story unfortunately seen very often), it has some spare sheet metal and the car is already sandblasted, so it does not hide surprises. Finally, given the asking price, some defects can also be tolerated. Find it for sale at $3,500 here in Cartersville, GA.


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