Stranger things: 1959 Volkswagen Typ 1 one-off

For collectors and simple enthusiasts of classic cars there are not many things more exciting than cars modified by small, and often unknown, manufacturers, even if they are not even manufacturers in the strict sense, but only enthusiasts who have wanted to build their own visions.

In this case, confirming what has just been written, we are talking about a car built in Australia by an unknown person (at least to us) and on an unknown date: the seller says that the custom body was probably built during the 1960s. on the chassis of a 1959 VW Typ1 (which we all know as Beetle).

We cannot speak badly of this car: it seems to us that the bodywork has beautiful proportions and a well-made nose: perhaps the rear part has been resolved worse than the front (but the rear is always the most complex one to do, for a car designer), but on the other hand the rear window has wipers, a solution certainly inspired by the Lancia Flaminia Berlina. Even the interiors, although simple, seem well done: the only drawback (for fans who do not live in Japan or the Commonwealth) is the right-hand drive, but on a one-off model it is not a great lack. Find it for sale at €18,500 (today $21,800) here in Milano, Italy.


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