Venomous: 1971 Abarth Scorpione 1300 S

From Portugal comes this Abarth Scorpione which is a rare car in itself, plus this seems to be the S version, so produced in a few dozen units.

We do not know, apart from the difference in power, the details that differentiate the “normal” version (if normal can be defined) from the S version, we only know that – theoretically – this model should have 90hp, not bad for 600 kg of weight.

The car is clearly in need of a full restoration, however the composite bodywork is not a problem to deal with as well as the reperiento of the parts since – the seller says – the car is complete with the sole exception of the front badge. Find it for sale at €46,000 (today $55,000) here in Amarante, Portugal.


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