Cosworth power: 1973 Ford Escort RS 1600 MKI

The name of this car designed at the European Ford factory probably won’t communicate much to American readers, but for European – and especially British – enthusiasts, the RS 1600 badge means a lot.

In fact, this car was built from 1970 to 1974 in only 1139 specimens: so don’t be surprised not to see many of them around, and we don’t mean on the road, but also on the net. This was a model designed for the world rally championship and in fact it is equipped with a Cosworth twin cam engine which, in the road version, developed 120 hp, while it reached up to 200 hp in the racing versions.

In Italy it is certainly a very rare car: this was sold new in Italy (the original black plate is still there) to someone who is really passionate about this model. The car has certainly been stored for many years and needs restoration, however it looks complete and dry. Find it for sale at €70,000 (today $83,500) here in Castelnovo Sotto Reggio Emilia, Italy.


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