From VI to L.A: 1949 Fiat 1100B Cabriolet

A Fiat 1100B Cabriolet is a rare car even in Italy, let alone in the USA, especially if it has never been restored and still has its original black plate.

If we were to imagine when this car ended up in California, we could think of the 70s when a large number of Italian cars ended up in the USA because, at the time, no one in Italy wanted them anymore and they could be bought at ridiculous prices. An anecdote to this effect was told to me by an acquaintance of mine (now ninety years old) who has dealt with cars all his life: in the mid-seventies a client of his asked to exchange his Maserati Mistral for a new Mini, but they did not find a agreement (!).

We therefore said that the car is still in its original state, but obviously it needs to be completely restored. There are positives though: the car looks almost complete, has rust but not desperately and, as already mentioned, still has its beautiful original black plate VI (Vicenza, Italy, about 50km west of Venice). Unfortunately, the price has not been disclosed. Find it for sale here in Ventura, CA.


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