Red over white: 1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint

Look, a white Alfa Romeo repainted in red: that’s strange, isn’t it? Sarcasm aside, this has been the fate of most Italian classic cars over the decades.

As is evident from the Italian newspaper clipping dated 1964, the reality is that in those years only 5% of the cars registered in Italy were red (a percentage equal to that of the UK): the prevailing color was white, followed by from gray; these two colors alone made up almost 50% of the cars circulating in Italy.

This Gulietta Sprint is located in the wet Oregon but we think that it has actually lived most of the years in a dry area: the Alfa Romeos produced up to the 1970s tend to crumble over the years but this looks solid enough. The engine compartment looks ok, the interiors have been the meal of some animals but it seems they are all there (even if the dashboard has not been photographed); the car in general looks quite original and complete. Find it for sale at $24,500 here in Newberg, OR.


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