Glasses all around: 1957 Alfa Romeo “Romeo 2°”


The seller of this Alfa Romeo van calls it “vetrato” (“with glasses”) but that’s actually a Romeo 2° (II) which was the biggest van of Alfa Romeo offer.


Before the F12, this was the one available both in two engine options: a diesel twin cylinder fed by a compressor and the gasoline 1300 c.c. well known as the “Bialbero”: less torque available than the diesel one but in line with the Alfa Romeo legacy. This particular van has seen, clearly, better days.


We don’t understand if the first paint was the blue shade on the outside or the red of the inside: that would not be a bad thing to see, for once, a Romeo 2° painted in blue with the white roof. The body seem more or less good with the obvious exception of the rust around the lower doors and around the wheel wells. Nothing to worry about though as these were built with a better steel than the one used on the contemporary Giulietta. We would also see some photos of the engine but there aren’t any. Find it for sale at €15,000 (today $17,300) here in Milano, Italy.


2 thoughts on “Glasses all around: 1957 Alfa Romeo “Romeo 2°”

  1. Having owned a Romeo 2 factory service van, I can tell you these vehicles are heavy. There is a steel frame under the body. 1300 was in my opinion too small for this heavy vehicle as the top speed was only 45 mph. A 1600 Veloce would have been a better choice. My concern is the front wheel drive transmission and finding parts. Metal is metal…noting a good metal man can’t fix. The seats are not moveable, at least in my van they were not. There is plenty of fresh air from a front vent and access to the engine is easy. Truck brakes all around would stop this thing pretty good. There is a group that can help with parts and advice. My factory van is somewhere in Europe last I heard.

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