Gilco bones: 1964 Fiat 1500 GT Coupé by Ghia


This car was not built by Fiat but by Ghia which used indeed the Fiat engine, gearbox and suspensions but not the chassis: this one was designed by Gilco, an italian company specialized in building lightweight tubular frames.


Less than 1,000 cars like this were made as these were not sold by the official Fiat channel, moreover they were not cheap and not very practical so it’s almost a miracle that 846 specimens (it is said) were built: that’s not a small number for a car like this built in the mid sixties.


This particular car has been fully restored, as the seller says, respecting all the canons of originality: it seems that it was born red and now it has been repaint in the same shade; unfortunately there are few photos (not in hi-res) so we can’te see how s now the cockpit, same for the engine bay: for a car with this asking price is absolutely not enough. Find it for sale at €61,000 (today $70,700) here in Roma, Italy.


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