Highway mothership: 1969 Maserati Mexico


Back at the end of the sixties, there were very few options to ride fast and confrortable in a four seater car: one of those was for sure the Maserati Mexico.


Expensive to buy and to maintain (other than to feed), it was powered by the most american of italian engines: a big twin cam v8 fed by four double throat, downdraft carburetors. When properly set up, this car is able to do 15-20 mpg on highway, but don’t expect more than 10-12 mpg arond the city. We actually don’t know if it has a 4.7 or a 4.2L engine.


Apart from these numbers, what matters here is that the car looks in pretty good shape: we can’t judge the paint from a photo but sure is that interiors have been redone, including the veneer dashboard. The worts area of the car is the undercarriage but not because it’s rotten, just because is not as cared as the rest of the car. Find it for sale at $89,500 here in Los Angeles, CA.

2 thoughts on “Highway mothership: 1969 Maserati Mexico

  1. This one seems a little scary with the cracked windshield, and the lack of exhaust. Appears that the wheels will need to be rebuilt also. A much better one sold at Bonhams, Quail 2 years ago for 84K.
    Perhaps there’s room for negotiation on this one?


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