American aluminium: 1951 Nash Healey LeMans


Before the Chevrolet Corvette there was no american sports car but the Nash Healey Le Mans, built thanks to a joint venture between the refigrator maker Kelvinator, and the british automaker Donald Healey.


The joint venture with a british company becomes clear when you see that this car has an aluminium body and a big displacement six inline cylinder engine taken from the  Ambassador: 3.8L was not a tiny displacement for a car which, when new, had a tag price of $4,060: in the same year a Cadillac Convertible cost $3,650.


The seller says that this is one of 121 cars made and that this car is very authentic: ndeed it has a very cool patina even though the body is far to be perfect and it clearly shows many signs of the time: there is filler for sure on it. On the other side, both interiors and engine bay seems correct and not in need of a full restoration. Find it for sale at €127,500 (today $148,000) here in Brummen, Netherlands.

2 thoughts on “American aluminium: 1951 Nash Healey LeMans

  1. Bought at H H Auctions 21st of March for £81,000 ($106,000 USD). – 40% added value in less than three months, not bad! ;-)


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