Restyling attempt: 1961 Porsche 356 B T6 Coupé by Ghia-Aigle



It’s hard to improve the job of a genius like Ferdinand Porsche, even if who wants to improve it is another genius like Giovanni Michelotti. Indeed the result is quite odd but not beautiful.


This Porsche 356 T6 coupé, the existence of which was totally unknown by us, was an attempt made by the swiss subsidiary of Ghia, Ghia-Aigle, with the help of Giovanni Michelotti’s pencil, in order to improve the front and the back end of the Porsche 356. An the result, acccording to us, is a complete failure.


Whatever it is, the fact is the this is said to be a unique car unveiled at the 1961 Geneve salon: you may like it or not but you don’t see a Ghia-badged Porsche 356 every day and this, apart from any aesthetical consideration, makes the value of this car grow consistently. Find it for sale at CHF 378,000 (today $379,000) here in Sion, Switzerland.


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