British Racing Green: 1991 Alfa Romeo Spider 2000


This model is, in our humble opinion, the best spider built by Alfa Romeo since the 1966 Duetto and we think we’re not alone in believing that even for today standars it still remains beautiful.


Of course the problem with Alfa is a cliche: a Spider must be red but, as you can see, it is beautiful even painted in the most british of the shades: the British Racing Green. Of course Alfa didn’t call this color with its british name, indeed this was the “Verde Foglia” (Leaf Green) and that’s extremely rare to see on these spiders which are mostly red.


The green is mated to a tan interior and that’s a perfect match as you can see, other than that this model is well known and this particular car looks in very good shape: these were bought as weekend cars so it’s quite easy to find one in nice conditions like this one; the seller says basically nothing but that the car has a new soft top other than the hardtop; we can see that’s a EFI model which produces 122hp, enough to have fun. Find it for sale at €14,900 (today $17,500) here in Brescia, Italy.

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