Carmen red: 1966 Jaguar E-Type 4.2 O.T.S.

There are few cars, among those ever built, beautiful even if neglected and rusty. This is precisely the case with the E-Type roadster.

In addition to being a spider (technically the name given by Jaguar for this version is OTS or Open Two Seater), this car is a true icon of world motoring along with a few others such as, for example, the Porsche 356 or the Fiat 500. Power and beauty: there is little else to be desired.

The condition in which this car is on the other hand is anything but desirable. The bodywork, in particular the floors, has major rust problems and needs an important restoration work and some parts are missing (but we believe that they are easily available), however it is a matching numbers car and, last but not least, originally painted in Carmen Red, quite rare on a 4.2 first series. Find it for sale at $59,900 here in Orange, CA.


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