American italian: 1968 Intermeccanica Italia Spider


This car was designed by John Crosthwaite and Franco Scaglione, has beautiful lines and yet is still quite unknown to most vintage car enthusiasts.


Far from us to want to stimulate a market already quite speculative, but this car is still very undervalued for us, so, at the right price, chances like these should be seized on the fly: the work to do is very but it is absolutely worth it.  In the case of these models, the engine is the thing to worry about less, what the buyer must pay close attention to is the presence of interior and exterior trims and actually this car seems complete.


This Italia seems to be the typical abandoned restoration project: the car has indeed been stripped down and almost completely dismantled; there are several parts (in particular the polished and chromed steel parts) contained in the boxes, but the good news is that there seem to be all of them: in particular there is the anterior grille which, if missing, is a serious problem. The bodywork is to be restored completely but the interior is present, including the original instruments (and this is not a little detail) Find it for sale at $56,500 here in Brookfield, CT.


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