Vip pass: 1955 Fiat 1100-103 TV


This 1100-103 TV is one of the cheapest ways to access the Mille Miglia since many of these cars joined the most famous race in the world from 1953 to 1957.


TV is for “Turismo Veloce” ( literally “fast cruising” ), indeed this model, compared to 1100-103 “base”, had a motor with a larger carburetor, a modified camshaft and a different head, so different that on the back of the head (from the firewall side) there are the letters ” TV “: this is the first detail that the future owner should check with the help of a portable mirror.


In addition to what has already been said, the “TV” was also equipped with front brakes with a greater diameter than men, aesthetically, the most obvious difference was the two small rear fins that incorporated the rear lights. This car in particular looks like a proper TV, obviously we can not verify the head but at least the visible parts, including the particular steering wheel available only on the TV model, seem correct. Find it for sale at €28,500 (today $33,300) here in Aqui Terme, Italy.


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