Make offer: 1971 De Tomaso Pantera L


Well, here we are dealing with a typical case of “Hey, how about selling that wreck sitting for thirty years in the garage?” In this specific case, the wreck is a De Tomaso Pantera, probably an “L” model.


The patient’s condition does not seem very serious but surely there are many areas on which to operate: the body shows evident signs of rust on the upper part but not many on the lower part: probably it was kept indoors but in a place where there were water leaks from the roof. The body nose looks the worst area: it is heavily rusted.


There are no photos of the interior nor of the engine compartment and therefore it is hard to make any assumptions; but what seems clear is that all the visible parts of the car seem original so we would expect that the interior and the Cleveland 351 engine originally installed in this model are original too. The seller has not made explicit economic requests but writes that he has already consulted experts and therefore he knows how much this model is worth in this state: you just have to make an offer. Find it for sale here in Santa Barbara, CA.


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