Call 911: 1969 Alfa Romeo F12 Ambulance


What we have here is an Alfa Romeo F12, which many of you know, set up as an ambulance and still equipped with all its original equipment.


Lately we have published several F12 found for sale (mainly in Italy) and we have noted how the interest in these Alfa vans has grown over the last two to three years: as a result we could not miss the opportunity to report this sample that, because of its setup, is one in a million.


The seller claims that this F12, born as an ambulance (but not belonging to any hospital but to firefighters: this point is unclear), still owns all its original equipment including the stretchers: in fact it looks like a complete vehicle and certainly restored both mechanically and aesthetically, in addition, it still wears the original firefighters plates. Find it for sale at €27,500 (today $32,000) here in Noceto, Italy.


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