Sacrilege: 1972 Porsche 911 V8


Porsche enthusiasts are the most intransigent in terms of changes made to 911 so, clearly, the idea of replacing the original engine with an American V8 would give them goosebumps.


Yet there is someone who, in terms of modifications, does not stop at nothing: it is the case of the owner of this 1972 911 of which the original engine was replaced with a V8 (we do not know which manufacturer it is) that produces 400hp. The seller also takes care to say that these modifications have been carried out by a specialized workshop: it is not a shade-tree job.


The seller says also that modifications include also custom coilover suspension, rebuilt 930 trans, big 996 Turbo brakes, full cage properly tied into strut towers, overbuilt cooling system, and, of course, massive wheels. Interiors are quite minimalists but coherent with this type of project. Find it for sale at $46,500 here in San Francisco, CA.


2 thoughts on “Sacrilege: 1972 Porsche 911 V8

  1. You had me as to the high-end professional nature of this build…until the stick holding the deck lid up! The devil is in the details. RR


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