Ocean inspiration: 1956 Bangert Manta Ray



The seller of this fiberglass car says tat the builder took inspiration by the 1954 Buick Wildcat II show car and indeed there are some elements in common between the two cars: this though is made of fiberglass and everyone might have built one in his garage, in Noel Bangert’s mind.


The seller says also that a guy called Elwood Caufmann finished his Manta Ray in 1956. He detailed his story in a handwritten 4-page story which is included in the sale of this car. Missing for nearly 50 years, the Cauffman Manta Ray was found several years ago and brought to Florida for documentation and restoration, ended in 2017.


So, what we have here is basically a completely restored roadster, both esthetically and techically, pushedby a big (very big, if we consider the overall weight of the car) V8, with a good slab of american cars history too at a (we believe) reasonable price, which is not a bad thing. Find it for sale here in Tampa, FL, with bidding at $32,300 and reserve not met.


2 thoughts on “Ocean inspiration: 1956 Bangert Manta Ray

  1. Always wondered what my 1956 Trojn custom roadster really was! I glued on the nose of a Cheeta and it turned out looking pretty good. Never knew it was a Bangert till after I sold it. Still have a bunch of pics taken before phone cameras were invented, if anyone is interested. Thanks Lou


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