American Fjord: 1959 Porsche 356A Coupé


Summer is the time of year when it is more difficult to find interesting cars: anyone who plans to sell often postpones everything to September, however there are always exceptions.


This exception in particular concerns a completely original 356A (although not in an excellent state) which, according to the seller, was parked in a barn a few months after the summer of love, and never moved since then: it is practically a 52-year-old relic returned to light only now.


There are many positive sides to this car: the color, Fjord Green, is one of the most beautiful and sought after; there is rust but it seems that it is only superficial (although we are convinced that there is work to do underneath them), the original bumpers are there – even if disassembled – as well as the tool roll. There may also be the possibility that, with a cleaning of the fuel tank, new fluids, new coil and spark plugs, this car can be restarted as it is. Find it for sale at $67,500 here in Astoria, NY.


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