Never assembled: 1965 Kellison Astra X-300 GT


Jim Kellison was one of the pioneers in the world of kit car construction and his cars have recently achieved respectable prices. We have been publishing these cars for years, ever since people were uncertain whether to buy a fully functional and in good condition at the price of $ 12,000: remember that everyone is good at buying sought after cars, the difference is in buying them when nobody thinks about them.


Here we have an X-300 GT, characterized by a slightly higher roof than its sisters of the “J” series, and also by the fact that this body has never been assembled entirely before: in a photo we see it out of four wheels therefore we deduce that the chassis is there, the rest of the car will depend on the tastes of the future owner. Find it for sale at $15,000 here in Seattle, WA.


8 thoughts on “Never assembled: 1965 Kellison Astra X-300 GT

  1. Also, curious how a picture that I took ended up in this article. Being that you didn’t take the picture, it would only be correct to give credit to the photographer. Which was me.

    And your information is incorrect, it’s not a corvette chassis, it’s a kellison chassis that was hand built by kellison.

    You should reprint this article with accurate information.

    It is however still for sale, and I would be willing to field cantacts at 15k, as the rarity of this makes it worth every red cent.


  2. Sebastien Lancaster posted on Jan 6th 2021 and said the car is still for sale, do you have contact info to Sebastien so I can reach him, thank you!!!


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