Polished intake: 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia GTC by Touring


The fact that, at the time of its presentation, the Giulia GTC has not been very successful in sales, does not make this car less fascinating.


In particular, we like the green of which it is painted: we do not know the exact name of this shade but we have already seen it, in particular on some Giulia of the time, but never on a GT or GTC; obviously the color is only a part of this car which was completely restored in 2005 even if with some “license”.


Starting from the engine compartment, it is clean, but perhaps it is a bit too much: the details in polished aluminum make it very “hot rod” and not very “Alfa Romeo”. From what we see, however, the polishing of some components seems to be the only flaw of a car that, according to the seller, still has the engine running in. Find it for sale at €109,000 (today $128,500) here in Saint Tropez, France.



One thought on “Polished intake: 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia GTC by Touring

  1. According to Lechler, Glasurit, Dupont and ICI color charts from that age, as to the description in French, it should be “metal olive green”, AR 213 or, slightly different, AR 235: all the above mentioned makes had it in their catalog, maybe others too. I remember that on the standard 1969 second series 1750 Sedan color chart, it was one of my favourites: honestly I cannot say if it was available also for GTCs, Lechler index says 1969 – 1972 for AR 213 and 1977 – 1980 for AR 235 (Alfetta…). Believe me or not, those color charts had a particular smell, I still have it in my mind.

    Giuseppe Maranghi – Italy


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