48 years ownership: 1969 Alfa Romeo GTA Junior


This rare GTA Junior is one of the very few, if not the only ones left, that has belonged to the same owner for almost fifty years.


In practice, even before I was born, the seller of this car was already driving it through the winding streets of north east Italy: not bad. So if he has decided to sell it, we cannot blame him: to claim that he has had time to enjoy it is an understatement, indeed, this is positive for the future owner: It is a great fortune to know the past of the car told by the one who looked after it for almost fifty years.


The car looks beautiful, especially if seen from below, the photos are not high definition but what is evident is the lack of the internal panels of the doors (probably for maintenance) and the bumpers that are certainly in the possession of the owner even if not currently installed on the car. The seller also says that the car also has the Autodelta use and maintenance manual. Find it for sale at €290,000 (today $340,000) here in Maniago, Italy.


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