Natural born streamliner: 1949 Hudson Super Six 2 Door Brougham


In the world of classic cars, there are few more fascinating things than a car that has rested in a barn for many decades. This is certainly not a Mercedes Gullwing or a Porsche 356, however it is an iconic car, sister of the one represented by Doc Hudson in the film Cars, which many of you (under the pretext of accompanying your children) have watched. Doc Hudson was actually the Hornet model, while this is a Brougham, with an even more streamlined profile.


As too often happens, there are only two photos for which it is not possible to know the state of the interior, the engine compartment, the floors and the trunk, however the seller says that it runs and drives, which is no small feat. The patina is extraordinary, externally it seems that only the steel profiles on the sides and the skirts of the rear wheels are missing, these are things that can happen in the middle of nowhere. find it for sale at $7,500 here in Fountain, CO.



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