Quick family car: 1966 Abarth OT 850 Berlina


Having four seats but not giving up on sportiness (and, why not, on economy): this asked the typical buyer of the OT 850.


Clearly even at the time there were many other cars that could meet these requirements, but they were much more expensive cars and therefore difficult to reach by the middle class, consequently the requirement of economy was not met: let’s clarify that the OT 850 cost 50% more than the car it came from.


This specimen seems to have always been in Italy since new: driven in the early years of life and then parked in a garage and no longer driven for 32 years: it is supposed to be original as regards most of its components: the rims are Campagnolo replica, but the car is also sold with another set of rims of the time. At a superficial glance, everything seems okay, starting with the legendary instrument cluster. Find it for sale here in Cittaducale, Italy, with bidding at €1,500 and reserve not met.


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