Land shark: 1983 BMW 633 CSi


Paul Bracq is the designer behind the successful E24 series produced by BMW for 13 years: from ’76 to ’89.


Personally, Lamborghini, Porsche and Ferrari aside, the E24 series was the dream car of my childhood and, still today, I find its lines of timeless elegance: it is what we call a successful car, and certainly an icon of those years. In fact, besides being a beautiful car, it was also well built.


The example presented here appears to be in remarkable condition: the color is Bronzitbeig Metallic and the interior is parchment color: the interior in particular appears in excellent condition. The rest of the car is also nice: the venditre claims to have had a huge file received from the services done, but it has been lost, however the manuals, the original tools are still present. Find it for sale at $7,000 here in Paradise Valley, AZ.




One thought on “Land shark: 1983 BMW 633 CSi

  1. These are a great deal right now given their performance and cool looks. The prettier E9s are selling for $50,000+. But they’re not THAT much prettier, and the E24 has a all together superior interior. That’s for posting. I’m actually looking to buy a few 80s BMW before it’s too late.


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