Stainless blue: 1972 Maserati Bora 4.7


It is certainly one of the most beautiful Maserati ever made, yet it is one of the most forgotten: perhaps because it was not lived in a good period.


His life in fact overlapped with the worst oil crisis ever happened, and that crisis claimed several victims, this does not mean that this was probably the last true maserati, although it had already been “contaminated” by some element of the Citroen, which came into play since 1968. Details aside, however, the Bora is pure Maserati DNA.


This is one of the 289 Bora built with the 4.7 liter engine, and is certainly one of the most beautiful given the combination of colors: the interior in particular has an extraordinary visual impact, both for the color and for the design. This car has benefited from works worth more than € 70,000 (today $ 83,000) in the past 5 years; it’s a matching numbers car and doesn’t seem to need anything other than being shown. Find it for sale at €164,000 (today $195,000) here in Isorella, Italy.


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