Bloody project: 1972 ISO Lele


If you know the Lamborghini Jarama, the similarity of this with the ISO Lele will be clear. Let’s face it: both certainly don’t fit into the top 50 most beautiful cars ever built.


However, collecting is not only made of beautiful things but also and above all of particular or particularly rare things: here, in these two categories can be included the  ISO Lele which, at the time, was a luxury car for a select few; it was powerful, expensive and consumed a lot of gas, but for those who could afford a car like this in Europe, these were obviously just details.


The car has to be restored, as can be clearly seen, it is equipped with a fantastic interior entirely in corduroy which on the back seats seems to be stained with blood (old spots, of course), if we leave this macabre detail for a moment, of positive that the 325 hp Ford engine has been redone and is coupled to a manual gearbox that currently does not seem to be installed. Find it for sale at €31,900 (today $35,300) here in Isorella, Italy.


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