The Italian Job/3: 1964 Sunbeam Venezia by Touring


Apparently only 145 of them were made, Touring of Milano took care of their build and, consequently, they all had aluminum bodywork.


The goal of Sunbeam was to rely on one of the most famous Italian ateliers to build an elegant coupé that could compete, for example, with the Lancia Flaminia built from the same body, unfortunately for the Sunbeam the Lancia was a span higher both from the point aesthetic and technical view, and the experiment ended after less than 150 cars produced.


This specimen still seems to be in excellent condition (thanks also to aluminum) and has an elegant combination of silver-red colors as well as having a towbar (definitely strange on a car of this type); the car is currently equipped with a Fiat engine but is also sold with its engine which is said to be the original one. Find it for sale at €26,000 (today $29,000) here in Chantilly, France.


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