Almost red: 1972 Alfa Romeo Gt Junior by Zagato


We did not expect to find a GT Junior Zagato to be restored yet: the last one in these conditions was published by us in 2013.


Even if that other one seemed in similar conditions to this one, although on this car there seems to be more superficial rust: it is however a car that, seen both the place where it is found and the original plate, probably lived in Italy southern where the climate is less rigid and less wet, so we do not expect to find a catastrophe on the underbody. A couple of photos would have helped, however.


The interior looks very correct and original, but an intense cleaning session with specialized products would be needed: we don’t know what that stuff on the seats is but strangely it makes us think of mice, and this is not a good thing. Even the engine compartment seems quite correct and, in this regard, it is worth noting the fact that the car is currently working (as the owner says). Find it for sale at €27,000 (today $29,900) here in Barberi, Italy.


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