Those sweet eyes: 1953 DKW F91 Sonderklasse Cabriolet


We featured another car of the same series few months ago (see related), but then it was a two door sedan version. This one is the more seducent cabriolet which is also much scarcer as well.


Indeed it’s the first time we see one for sale, and we must say that also the color is extremely elegant: that is basically a luxury conjugation of the other german thing, the most famous beetle: differently from the car made in Volksburg, this has a three inline, two-stroke engine which makes a lot of noise and doesn’t care to save the world at all.


This particular car looks entirely restored both inside and outside: nothing seems to have been neglected, neither the flower stand hanging on the dashboard. The electricals have been converted to 12V and that’s a good thing unless you are ready to drive this car with a battery booster as co-driver. Find it for sale at €25,000 (today $34,000) here in Frankfurt, Germany.


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