Six are better: 1970 Volkswagen – Porsche 914-6


Do you think the 914 is more a Volkswagen than a Porsche? Actually it is exactly the opposite, both in the four and six cylinder versions.


In the four-cylinder one because, until 1964, the cars produced by the Stuttgart factory (and before that in the Gmund factory) were all four-cylinder boxers, in the six-cylinder one because it produces that magical sound that all Porsche fans they know very well, especially if it is produced by an air-cooled engine. The 914 finally, together with the 550, is the best road car produced by Porsche at that time for its dynamic qualities. This has been rediscovered over the last ten years, and prices reflect this trend.


This car needs a lot of work but, with good approximation, we believe that the part most damaged by rust, or lowe sills, have been removed and should only be replaced: the floors seem to be in an acceptable state. Clearly the car must be completely disassembled and overhauled in the most hidden corners, however there is everything, including the engine matching numbers and a beautiful color. Find it for sale at $39,950 here in Los Angeles, CA.


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