Revvy red/2: 1967 Honda S600


The build quality of Honda is all summed up by this car: a small spider equipped with an engine capable of revving up to 8,500 rpm. In 1965.


Even in Europe cars with this displacement were made, but these were small cars with engines that were not very pushed so as to be parks in consumption and robust at the same time: none of this was considered by the engineers of the Hamamatsu brand. What they were looking for was the maximum possible power from an engine with a displacement that could avoid the expensive Japanese engine size taxes, and they did.


Even from the purely aesthetic point of view, the Honda S600 is very nice looking: unfortunately the ones we saw for sale were always red but, you know, sometimes you have to be satisfied, also because the market is certainly not flooded by these cars. This specimen seems to have been sold new in Italy and its condition looks great and, above all, it seems all correct and original, fundamental things about cars like these for which the retrieval of the spare parts is anything but simple. Find it for sale at €25,000 (today $28,000) here in Mantova, Italy.


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