Maroon twelve: 1965 Ferrari 330 GT 2+2


The 330 2+2 series has long been one of the least sought after of the whole Ferrari family; until 10 years ago you could take one of these in excellent condition for a third of the asking price of this one here.


But we all know that remembering the past is useless, unless it serves to understand how the future will go, the present tough regards this 330 GT series I which, however, has benefited from some improvements made on the series II such as disc brakes on four wheels and five-speed gearbox (previously there was a four-speed gearbox plus overdrive).


The car looks like a beautifully preserved specimen ; for sure the maroon leather is the original one as well as the rest of the passenger compartment, and everything still seems to be in very good condition. The rims are still in excellent condition and the engine compartment seems to be correct: the seller says that there is some work to be done on the electrical system too, while the engine and gearbox will certainly need a tune-up. What we do not understand is the reason why the seller says that the car has been repainted in its “Oro Chiaro” color: this name in Italian means “pale gold” but the car is certainly not of this color. Find it for sale at $189,500 here in Astoria, NY.


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