Pending state: 1959 Porsche 356 A T2 Coupé


Generally speaking, many classic car collectors know that good purchases are those involving a car for which the owner has begun a restoration which has never finished.


Now, we do not know, or rather, we are not sure that this 356 A Coupé is a good deal or not, certainly it constitutes an opportunity to get our hands on a car that, perfectly restored, almost always breaks the six-figure barrier; obviously nothing is free and here there is still a lot of work to do.


Let’s start from the positive side: the seller says that this is a matching numbers car, which has had only one owner, for which €5,000 of body panels have already been purchased, and all in all this is a great start. He also says that the car is complete and that the original color was “mouse gray”: we believe that he refers to the color # 5710 Stone Gray. Obviously the worst risk in this type of business is to make a complete checklist of everything the car needs to be reassembled, so be very careful. Find it for sale at €50,000 (today $56,000) here in Old Condé, France.


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