Blue blood: 1965 Fiat 2300 S Coupé


We can safely say that this car is blue both inside and out; as far as the outside is concerned, the reason is obvious.


The seller says that this car has belonged for decades to a blue-blooded family from central Italy until it was canceled from the car register (this is why it no longer has the number plates); throughout his life the car was kept in an indoor place.


In fact, the car seems very dry, at least from what the photos show: the funds seem in excellent condition and this is notable for an Italian car built in the 60s; the interiors show their age but, again, it seems that with a thorough cleaning they could return to shine. The paint has obviously become opaque but it is not in a bad state: all in all this seems an easy project. Find it for sale at €12,500 here in Monza, Italy.


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