Resale red: 1966 Glas 1700 GT


It’s not easy to find a Glass GT for sale which is still in restorable conditions and, when you find one, it probably has been painted in “resale red” just like this one.


Whatching the inner door panels and the engine bay it’s clear that this car was born in a beautiful metallic pale blue and, whoever is going to restore this one, will have the duty to bring back this car to its original color which fits better the elegant lines sketched by Frua coachworks.


The metal of this car looks quite solid (german steel!) both on the body and the undercarriage, interiors need a lot of work but the rare instruments cluster is still there and that’s a very good thing as well as the presence of both front and rear bumpers. There is a major isse with this car though: where’s the original engine? The one installed, along with the auto gearbox, doesn’t belong to this car so an intense search job is needed to spot a correct unit. Find it for sale at $14,750 here in Los Angeles, CA.

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