Burbank find: 1966 Porsche 912 “Painted dash”


Early Porsche yesterday, early Porsche today. This is the time of one of the first 912 made which, in this configuration, were also known as “painted dash” because, as the nickname says, the dashboard was not black but painted with the same color of the body.


It seems a minor feature but, in the collector world, details are everything and so this model is way more sought after than other common 912. This car is said to have been found in a Burbank garage painted in silver: this layer has been removed so now the car is back to the original paint scheme.


The seller says that, when found, the car had 33,589 miles and, although he cannot prove these are the original miles, all the “experts” who have checked it out, believe it to be true.  The seller says that he had to replace the gas tank, rebuild the carbs, and change all the fluids, and now the car drives well. Find it for sale at $28,500 (o.b.o.) here in Los Angeles, CA.

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