Blind red: 1954 Porsche 356 T1 Speedster


Indeed. Porsche enthusiasts know well that, aside from the Carrera, this is the most sought after Speedster as only 200 were built in the first producion year, 1954.


Zero description by the seller so you will have to settle on what we say about this car: as just written this car belongs to the first 200 cars batch built from August to December 1954 and so that’s extremely rare and valuable car.


On the other side there are some question marks: we don’t know the chassis number (the seller says it’s 22463 but all Speedsters have chassis numbers starting with the number eight) and we don’t know if it’s a matching numbers car either; the wheels are 15″ so they belong to the T2 series, there are not instruments and, apparently, all the interiors components. We believe that, actually, the only way to solve this puzzle is giving the seller a phone call. Find it for sale at $239,500 here in Astoria, NY.


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